Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dance and Sing 2015

All rehearsal at Heritage Playhouse in Gibsons.:
1.Set design / tech rehearsal  Wednesday  June 10th 4 pm .
2.Stage rehearsal Thursday June 11th  3 pm - 6 pm  ALL (dancers will leave as they are finished rehearsing their routines)
3. Dress rehearsal Friday 12th June 2 30pm -  5 30 pm. pre dance finished at 3 30 pm

Show June 13th 2 30 pm dancers arrive at 1.00pm for cats make up or 1.30 pm if you are not a cat.

We will need a clean up team for Satuday at the end of the show. 6 parents please.
I would like a parent in the sound / lighting booth to be sure things go smoothly.
Please sign up for these with me, mselainehunter@yahoo.ca
Stage....Lisa, ???, Runner.....Janet
Green Room....Kerry, Marnie, ???
Cats make up???Wade and myself ?

We also need a door rep to connect with the stage and sound booth when we are ready to close the doors.

We need everyone to sell 5 tickets please.

This is beginning to look like a great show.

Thank you for your continued support
Elaine Hunter