Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Welcome to 2015.... lots going on.

Welcome to the New Year...2015,

Lots of exciting things going on.

We will be working hard on our choreographies for the year end show.

June  .... second week... dates to be confirmed.


Some classes are full this year but if you want to join us please call me to see if we have a space for you.

Jazz and ballet combination classes for ages:

 5 - 8 yrs ............... Wednesday 2 30 - 4 pm

8 - 12yrs.................Thursday  3- 4.30pm

Hip hop.... pre teen  Tuesday 2 30 pm

Tap...........pre teen  Thursday 2 20 pm

Pre dance ..............Wednesday 11 15 - noon.

Musical theatre... pre teen....Tuesday 3 30 pm

Private voice and performance classes. Please call to book your time. 45 minute sessions. Students will sing a solo in the year end show ( if they would like to) and some will be in the Pender Harbour Shows, Apple Festival, Christmas Concerts, Telethon etc. 

Solo dance performance class for the show, please call to book a time.


We will be performing at the Coffee House ,  Pender Harbour Music School in February and April.

Year End Show....  tba. Gibsons Heritage Theatre

1st half.... CATS

2nd half...The joy of dancing and singing.


I want to prepare students so that they can become part of the Nutcracker if they want to.
I hope that some of the dancers went to see the 2014 production and realised that there is a lot to learn to become part of such a production. I am ready to help any of our students prepare for a successful audition. There are parts for younger dancers who do not require a great deal of technique but then there are parts that we should aim for which do require more technique.

Thank you for your continued support.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


News December 2014

Wednesday and Thursday this week will be an hour earlier .... right after early dismissal.

Our singers performed really well at the SCAC craft fair on Sunday, well done to Izzy and Anika for a job well done. 

Our next gig is February 13th at the Coffee House Madeirra Park, in the music school. 

This weekend we are at the telethon, 2 15 arrival please. Heritage Theatre Gibsons. Musical Theatre group will sing 3 solos and a group number.

HBPA T shirt and black pants. Santa hat. 

Open house next week, Dec 9th 10th 11th, then we are closed for the Christmas break. 

We will be singing carols at the Breakfast with Santa event. HBS. 9 am - noon Dec 13th.

thank you for your support,

Elaine, Ms Hunter

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Halfmoon Bay Performing Arts performance November 2014.

We are performing at the SCAC Craft Fair . Sunshine Coast Art Gallery.

November 30th 2.00 - 2 45pm

Izabelle Stevens and Anika Kilroy and possibly other singers.

Come and watch us.

Important Dates.

1 Open house..........  .  December 9/10/ 11th

2 Christmas closing..... December 14th - January 4th 2015

3 March break..............March.9th - 22nd

4 Year end   .................June  5th 2015

Year end Recital......Dress rehearsal June 12th 2 30pm ( arrive 2.pm ) 

.................................    Show   June 13th 2 30

 Place....                       Heritage Theatre Gibsons.

Please let me know if you want to help backstage in the theatre, that means 

working both the rehearsal and show. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Dance and Sing Sunshine Coast BC .....Upcoming Events

1. Elves Telethon, December 6th ..Please arrive at 2 15 pm. 

Musical Theatre will be singing. I invite all the students to be there in their 

free t shirts to support them. Black leggings please and I am trying to get 7 Santa hats. 

2. We are performing at the  SCAC Christmas Fair this year.....  November  29th and 30th.

  Izabelle Stevens and Anika Kilroy will be performing 2 pm

3. Dec 13th we are singing carols at the Breakfast with Santa.

4. Classes began Sept 23rd 2014. Halfmoon Bay Community School.

Some of our classes are full this year, thankyou to the community for your support.

Don't forget I  teach voice and performance classes in my home too.

604 885 3844 , mselainehunter@yahoo.ca for information.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dance and Singing class Registration, Sunshine Coast BC

Registration for 2014/15 season.

Monday September 15th

5 - 7 pm

Halfmoon Bay Community School

Classes will be held in Coopers Green in the event of a teachers strike until the school is open.

Dance and Singing Lessons Sunshine Coast B C

 Ballet / Jazz combination classes 5 - 12 years.

Yr 1, 2 and 3 and 4. Students will learn ballet and jazz techniques and perform a routine in each discipline in our year end show.

Pre Dance 3 - 5 years.

Involves rhythm and counting, singing, movement to music, pre ballet, stretching. A full program developed over 30 years of teaching experience.

Musical Theatre 

Students will sing and dance in this class, solo singing performances and group routines. Popular musicals or pop pieces will be performed in a theatrical setting. No lip syncing, we sing in these routines.

Voice Training

  • Develop resonance, projection, range and clarity
  • Enunciate properly
  • Sing and speak effectively and beautifully through breathing/relaxation techniques, vocal warm ups and poetry 
  • Repertoire consists of all styles of songs and/or monologues
  • Scales,  chords are identified
  • Pitch control

Hip Hop / Jazz 

Hip Hop and Jazz  technique is taught in these classes.


Tap technique will be taught.

Registration is by semester, no drop in classes.  2 semesters per year.

No refund of fees after 2 weeks of classes have been taken. Please add $20 registration fee.


Yearly fee.....$450 1 hour class (can be split  into 2 payments).

1.5 hour class $600 per year.

half year registration ....$275 1 hour class, $350 1.5 hour class.

pre dance fee..... $340 ...45 minute class per week.

Family plan available.
Late fees 5% per month

Cash or checks please made out to Elaine Hunter.


$30 - 45 minute class weekly. Paid monthly ahead of scheduled classes. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dance and Voice lessons Sunshine Coast BC Canada ....Schedule 2014 / 15


2 30 - 3 30 Hip hop

3 30 - 4 30 Musical Theatre

4 30 - 5 30 mini ballet / jazz


11.00- 11.45 Pre  Dance  3 - 5 yrs.

2 30 - 4.00    Ballet / Jazz - Junior 1


2 15 - 3 00 tap (beginner level)

3.00 - 4 30  Junior 3 ballet / jazz

4 30 voice.


Monday  from 2 30 ...private voice and performance at my home, please book a time asap to be sure of a spot..  from 7 yrs.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Private voice and performance classes. Halfmoon Bay BC.

Please contact me if you would like to reserve a spot for your private voice / performance  classes 2014 / 15  
All ages.

604 885 3844

This was our year end show for 2014. 

Dance Sing 2014, Location and date changes.

Due to the teachers strike we cannot do our show as planned in the school at Halfmoon Bay, we have changed it to  

Show...Heritage Theatre Gibsons Tuesday May 27th 6 30 pm

Dress rehearsal... Heritage Theatre Gibsons  Monday May 26th 4 pm 

Elaine Hunter....Ms Hunter

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dance / Sing 2014, Year End Show

Dance / Sing 2014 , Year end Show

May 29th at noon and 6 30 pm.
Halfmoon Bay Community School


Adults need a ticket for both shows, free for children 12 under and for the school performance.

Dress rehearsal 5 pm May 28th at the school. Please be on time and have your dancer/singer dressed in their costume ready to rehearse.

Please bring an appetizer or desert to share after the show on the 29th at 6 30.
- See more at: http://homeoftheblog.blogspot.ca/#sthash.dYTnuuCS.dpuf

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dance, Sing, Sunshine Coast, B C

Halfmoon Bay Performing Arts 604 885 3844 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Dance, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia BC Canada

Halfmoon Bay Performing Arts
Elaine Hunter
Halfmoon Bay B C

call 604 885 3844