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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

News December 2014

Wednesday and Thursday this week will be an hour earlier .... right after early dismissal.

Our singers performed really well at the SCAC craft fair on Sunday, well done to Izzy and Anika for a job well done. 

Our next gig is February 13th at the Coffee House Madeirra Park, in the music school. 

This weekend we are at the telethon, 2 15 arrival please. Heritage Theatre Gibsons. Musical Theatre group will sing 3 solos and a group number.

HBPA T shirt and black pants. Santa hat. 

Open house next week, Dec 9th 10th 11th, then we are closed for the Christmas break. 

We will be singing carols at the Breakfast with Santa event. HBS. 9 am - noon Dec 13th.

thank you for your support,

Elaine, Ms Hunter

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